Save the Earth
Save the Earth

with the power of science
with the power of science


We offer evolved flavors and sustainable choices.

The evolution of food is the key to building a better future. Our food tech company utilizes the latest innovative technologies, such as alternative meats, alternative foie gras, alternative caviar, and more, to provide sustainable food options. Our products use environmentally friendly ingredients and prioritize animal welfare while pursuing authentic flavors and culinary experiences. Let's realize a future-oriented dining style and share our contributions to the planet. With just one bite, you should be able to appreciate the value of evolved flavors and sustainable choices. Together, let's ignite a revolution in food.





In "NEWS," we will bring you the latest news, IR information, and new product updates from our food tech company. Here, we will share important updates regarding our growth and evolution, providing transparency and fairness in information. Our goal is to build trust through sincere communication with our customers, shareholders, and the local community.


Dr.Foods is a company that provides innovative technologies and products for a sustainable future. On this page, we will provide detailed information about our main initiatives, which include "development and sale of plant-based organisms" as well as "research and development of alternative meats" and "cultivation-related research." Please take a closer look at our latest achievements that reflect our passion and vision.

The development and sale of plant-based products
The research and development of alternative meats
Research on cultivation


Dr. Foods is a passionate collective of researchers dedicated to innovative research and a sustainable future. Our team of researchers actively embraces challenges in the field of food technology and strives to explore innovative solutions. We demonstrate leadership in various areas, including the development and sale of plant-based organisms, research and development of alternative meats, and cultivation techniques.

To achieve a sustainable future, we bring together innovative approaches and scientific insights to tackle societal challenges. Our researchers possess extensive expertise and passion, leading the way for sustainable transformations in the food industry. Our mission is to build a healthier and environmentally friendly future.

Executive Officer
Iaroslav Patuk

Dr.Foods Co., Ltd (Japan)

Ph.D. in Agricultual Engineering

Research and development of alternative meat using extrusion technology



〒025-0089 5-21 Toyosawacho, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture

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